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Managed Services alleviates the burden of having to build and maintain everything you need to get the most out of your suppliers.

Brunner Scientific, have been successfully offering outsourced procurement services to its customers for over 30 years now, it’s nothing new to us, we have customers in many different industries from petrochemical to automotive, supplying them all with laboratory equipment, test equipment, calibration, repair services and more.

What we do for some of our customers is process orders from their own bespoke online ordering system, deal with orders from third party suppliers and ad hoc orders with credit cards.

Open orders are regularly used for the calibration, servicing and repair of test equipment, this an almost autonomous process. Units are sent direct to test houses as well as via ourselves, we simply handle the administration and logistics.

Low value items are processed by us, things like cameras and literature, purchases do not have the time to source these small items, so we do it for them, saving time and of course money.

Procurement service organisations offer to change the way you work to generate you the savings.

Brunner Scientific, as an established, independent supplier, can cater for the entire spectrum of customer requirements. Thus the company has become a leader in the specialist niche market of single source purchasing.

The firm’s philosophy allows even the smallest requirements to be assessed with prompt personal attention. The company never loses its early commitment to personal customer service and value for money.

Our ‘hands-on’ approach to business and the promise of providing any quality branded product proves the 100% loyalty to meeting all of our customers’ needs.

Our Quality Management Accreditation is BS EN ISO 9001:2008, (certificate number UK/01/0685410211) relates to the procurement, stocking and supply of general laboratory equipment and consumables, calibration, servicing and repair of analytical laboratory equipment. For customers requiring UKAS certification, third party calibration houses will be used.

Concentration is set to maintaining excellence in supply of products and services. A highly efficient logistics operation allows next day delivery of goods held in stock.

These elements are expected from a company at the forefront of scientific advancement services.

We only want you to make one change, change to Brunner Scientific and let our team look after you.

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