Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Brunner Scientific can supply a wide range of vacuum pumps and compressors that are engineered for compactness, reliability, economy and low upkeep and running costs.

We supply laboratories with many different brands of vacuum pumps and compressors, including simple hand held vacuum pumps to Laboratory scale compressed air supply systems. We act as agents for Laboport, KNF, Wiggens and Vacuubrand etc, so we have the best solution whether your laboratory application is vacuum distillation, multi-flask filtration and gel drying.

Our vacuum pumps and compressors are dry-running devices that can transfer, compress and evacuate different types of air, gases and vapours without contamination.

Regardless of the application, setting, or budget, we have the right Vacuum pumps/compressor solution to meet your individual needs.



Hand Operated

hand operated pump

KNF Pump

knf pump

Portable Bio Suction

portable bio suction system

Oil Free Piston Pumps

oil free piston pumps

Compressed Air System

compressed air system2

Compressed Air System

compressed air system