Stirrers, Hotplates and Shakers

Brunner Scientific are able to supply a wide range of different laboratory stirrers, from a simple mini magnetic stirrers to precision electronically controlled overhead stirrers for applications in larger chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical laboratories.

Our laboratory stirrers, with or without heating, are available in a wide range of types and sizes, to suit your requirements. The stirrers offer low maintenance, compact, robust design, and designed for long-term use. We have a large extensive range of accessories, which are available to complement either new or existing apparatus, ranging from stirrer bars, boss heads, paddles and plate stands. Shakers reciprocal or orbital are also available with a comprehensive range of flask clips, holders and accessories.

We also offer a wide range of laboratory shakers that come in many different configurations to suit every laboratory requirement. Our range of orbital shakers are ideals for culturing cells with heating plate options available if temperature control is required, we also offer a range of reciprocal shaker that are more suited to mixing liquids. We can also provide a range of heated incubator shakers, or refrigerated shakers from desktop models to full size floor standing laboratory shakers.


Hotplate Stirrer

hotplate stirrer



Orbital Shaker

orbital shaker

Ultrasonic Baths

ultra sonic baths



Diaphragm Pump

diaphragm pump2