Laboratory Refrigeration

The extensive range of products we are able to offer cover both heating and cooling, as required in modern day laboratories.

The most common items are recirculating coolers, heating circulators and baths.  The popular refrigerated and heating circulators, offer both hot and cold solutions, using state of the art technology, for quick and precise results.

Laboratory fridges and freezers are available, which can be sparkproofed, and customised with locks etc to meet your needs. The Labplant range of refrigerated immersion probes, for the cooling of suitable liquids to -45 or -90°C, with or without digital temperature control and probe. Both units are available with the choice of probes. Standard flexible, Long flexible & Short rigid.

Other custom manufactured probes are available upon request.

A small selection of our Laboratory Refrigeration Equipment


Refrigeration Probe

refrigeration probe unit

Julabo Bath


Medical Fridge

lec medical fridge

Immersion Circulator


Under Bench Fridge

lec undercounter fridge

Polyscience Products

polyscience images