Incubators, Ovens & Furnaces

Brunner Scientific are one of the UK's leading suppliers of laboratory, chamber and tube furnaces, as well as a wide range of ovens and incubators including gravity convection and forced air circulation models. Our portfolio includes units from Genlab, LTE, Carbolite, Nabertherm, Wiggens and Jeiotech.

Our range of laboratory ovens come in a wide range of sizes, and control systems that can perform simple drying processes or more complex and demanding heat treatment processes and long term stability testing of materials or components.

We supply bench and floor mounted chamber furnaces that can operate at 30°C to 3000°C and can include on vacuum and special atmosphere technology for aerospace, chemical, and medical applications.

Brunner Scientific are also able to offer incubators and environmental chambers. Please contact us with your requirements to enable us to provide a competitive quotation.



Carbolite Oven

carbolite oven

Genlab Incubator

genlab incubator

Lab Companion

lab companion oven

Wiggens WH11C

wiggens wh11c

Wiggens WH25

wiggens wh25

LTE Drying Cabinet

lte drying cabinet