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laboratory consumables

Laboratory Consumables

Brunner Scientific have years of experience suppling safety items & Consumables for laboratories, from the leading manufactures at realistic prices. You can depend on our vast range of products, covering the common items in use, in today’s modern labs. From janitorial, to sample handling and storage, we are able to help. Please phone or email us with your requirements.

Chemical Bottles

laboratory chemical bottles

Bottles in both glass and different types of plastic to suit your needs. The range includes small ointment jars through to large Pails with lids, wash bottles, syrup and Winchester pattern glass, either in clear or amber glass.



syringe filters

From filter papers and funnels through to syringe filters, we are able to offer quality products at competitive prices.



janitorial equipment

Products suitable for cleaning the workplace and laboratories, from disposable tissues to industrial wipers, bottle brushes to yard brushes, we have a solution for your requirement.  Cleaning products include descaler, disinfectants, through to floor cleaners & glass cleaners, from leading manufacturers.


Pipettors & Liquid Handling


A wide range of solutions for liquid handling, from plastic pastettes and glass pipettes through to single and multichannel electronic pipettors. Dosing and syringe pumps compliment the range.


Safety Equipment

nitrile gloves

Barrier creams to safety shoes, safety specs & goggles through to hand protection, lab coats and PPE, to safety signage, we are able to offer quality products at competitive prices.


Scalpels & Dissecting


Sterile and non-sterile blades to fit a wide range of handles, which are available in carbon steel of stainless steel. Forceps, scissors, seekers, in differing patterns and styles.


Standard Glassware & Plastics

standard glass and plastic

General glassware and plastic laboratory products, including funnels, beakers, bottles from leading manufacturers.


Syringes, Needles & Cannulas


Glass and plastic syringes for various applications, including specialist chromatography syringes and needles. Disposable sterile syringes in the common sizes along with cin bins for the safe storage of used items, prior to specialist disposal.


Vials, Caps & Septas


Supplied from the leading manufactures, with caps and septas to suit. We can offer a bespoke crimping service, to free up busy laboratory personel.