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laboratory glassware

Laboratory Glassware

Working in partnership with one of the UKs largest advanced glassblowers, with a team of time served highly-skilled glassblowers, precision processes and techniques, we can offer the highest quality laboratory glass products with excellent value and service.

We have input from research scientists and engineers, helping us delivery the highest quality products, wether a simple off the shelf tube or custom made vessel, whatever your requirements we can offer you a solution.

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Heavy Duty Glassware

Heavy Duty Glassware

Heavy Duty Glassware which is repeatedly proven to vastly extend lifetime at a little extra cost.

Glass Adapters

Glass Adapters

Various adapters for glassware with either standard ground cones or screw thread fittings. Hose and Vacuum adapters with or without keys.

Glass Funnels

Glass Funnels

Glass funnels, standard conical filter funnels to powder funnels, dropping & separating funnels

Glass Condensers

glass condensers

Condensers, jacketed or unjacketed, with or without coils. GL14 screw thread as standard, but other thread types are available upon request

Glass Cold Traps

glass cold trap

Cold traps available with or with baffle to increase the condensing efficiency.

Glass Reaction Vessels

glass reaction vessels

Premium quality Jacketed Reaction Vessels, made to order, with zero dead-space bottom drain.

Round Bottom Flasks

glass round bottomed flask

Round bottom, single or multi neck flasks.

Glass Manifolds

glass manifolds

Double and single branch manifolds in 12 std configurations

Glass Tubes & Rods

glass tubes and rods

Borosilicate Glass tubes and rods can be supplied 2mm to 460mm diameter